Nourish Your Need For Nature™

The Thomas Irvine Dodge Nature Center is an environmental education organization in Minnesota with 4 metro nature destinations located in West St. Paul, Cottage Grove and Mendota Heights. Founded in 1967 by Olivia Irvine Dodge, the organization was one of the first nature centers in the state of Minnesota. Dodge Nature Center and Preschool are recognized nationally in the field of environmental education.

Dodge has 460+ acres of prairies, hardwood forest, lakes, wetland, miles of open hiking trails, a working farm, orchard, bee apiary, and a variety of animals to discover. It is the mission of the nature center to provide exceptional experiences in nature through environmental education. Over 59,000 nature experiences are offered annually: day visits, events, programs for all ages, camps, onsite preschool, school outreach, field trips and more. Nourish Your Need For Nature™ by joining us for an upcoming nature experience found on the activity calendar.

Our Mission: Providing exceptional experiences in nature through environmental education.


.Play for team Dodge in the only sport for non-profits. Tournament rounds end on Fridays at 7:59 p.m.
$1 donated = 1 point scored
The non-profit with the most points will advance to the next round of the competition.
Points scored support Dodge Nature Center.

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