Jason Sanders
Executive Director
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Beverly Sargent
Director of Finance
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Sue Richter
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Signe Hushagen
Operations Coordinator
Facility Rental Coordinator
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Buildings and Grounds

Sean Gokey
Director of Buildings and Grounds
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Pat Bogie
Grounds Crew
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Jake Ganfield
Grounds Crew
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Development and Marketing

Rachel Hughes
Director of Development
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Ryan Haight
Development Associate
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Kim Bauer
Marketing and Volunteer Coordinator
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Don Oberdorfer
Farm Director
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Jorge Espinoza
Farm Assistant
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Environmental Education Programs

Peter Cleary
Director of Environmental Education
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Julie Allen
Group Booking /Restoration Naturalist/Special Events Coordinator
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Jared Little
Naturalist/Curriculum Coordinator
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Eloise Dietz
Naturalist/Public Programs/OWLS
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Pam Welisevich
Naturalist/Animal Care Coordinator
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Mick Garrett
Naturalist/Camp Coordinator
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Mary Dybvig
Seasonal Naturalist
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Teresa Root
Naturalist Fellowship Coordinator
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Julie Erickson
Naturalist Fellow
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Anna Ryden
Naturalist Fellow
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Melanie Sumner
Naturalist Fellow
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Marty Watson, Director
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Joey Schoen
Spruce Room Teacher/ Assistant Director
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Beki Cook
Office Coordinator
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Jennifer Elsen
Oak Room Assistant Teacher
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April Greibrok
Oak Room Teacher
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Judy Moran
Spruce Room Teacher
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Julie Nelson
Willow Room Teacher
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Kristenza Nelson
Spruce Room Teacher
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Kari Nusbaum
Oak Room Teacher
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Wesley Nugteren
Spruce Room Assistant Teacher
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Johannah Rukavina
Willow Room Teacher
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Britney Stark
Oak Room Assistant Teacher
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Luzia Tavares
Willow Room Assistant Teacher
Email Luzia


Melissa Tobias
Oak Room Teacher
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Allison Bodkin
Lunch Bunch, Substitute Teacher
Email Allison


Kristin Carr
Morning & Lunch Bunch, Substitute Teacher
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Dasha Rosenthal
Lunch Bunch, Substitute Teacher
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