Send your children on a fun-filled adventure to meet new friends and burn off energy. Campers have fun while gaining appreciation for nature by meeting live animals, building forts, and getting their hands dirty. Scholarships are available. Full camps are listed at the bottom of this page.

Fall Break Camp for Grades K-8th
Oct. 18-19, 2018 
Registration is due by Friday, Oct. 5, 2018.
Fall Break Camp Form (pdf)

Thursday, Oct. 18 Grades K-1

Nothing tastes better than food cooked over a fire. Learn how to build the perfect cooking fire, and practice your culinary skills to make campfire classics. Enjoy bites of griddle cakes, roast beast on a stick, and taste new sensations to try on your next camping trip.


Thursday, Oct. 18 Grades 2-4
Friday, Oct. 19 Grades K-1

From crawly worms and slimy slugs, to slippery salamanders and hopping bugs, this camp will let you get your “creepy” on. Digging worms (✔) Holding salamanders (✔)
Feeding snakes (✔)
Giant hissing cockroach race (✔)
No log will be left unturned in the pursuit of our cold-blooded friends.


Thursday, Oct. 18 Grades 5-8
Friday, Oct. 19 Grades 2-4

Practice skills that will make you an outdoor champ. Build a simple and snug survival shelter. This shelter will protect you from the elements and be your home base. Navigate your way through an orienteering course with a compass. Start a one-match (or no match) fire to keep you warm, cook food, and send signals. This camp will leave you ready for your next outdoor adventure.

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