Community Gardens

Shepard Farm, Cottage Grove
2017 Garden Plot Registration Form

Main Property, West St. Paul
2017 Garden Plot Registration Form

The Dodge Nature Center Community Garden Program is an opportunity for community members to learn and implement organic gardening techniques.  The Dodge Nature Center farm will provide the 15’ x 15’ plots, use of tools, soil amendments and pest control methods.  The garden will be open to gardeners at their convenience throughout the gardening season until closing on October 15, 2017.

There is a second option in our garden.  Some of the plots are raised-bed plots.  These 15’ x 15’ plots are divided into three-3’ x 15’beds, raised 16” off the ground with a 3’ path between them. These plots will make it more accessible to those who have difficulty gardening at ground level. If you want this option, please say so on your registration. This is not guaranteed, but will be distributed on a first come basis.

There are 40 garden plots available, reserved on a first come, first served basis. Reservations requested after the garden plots are full will be placed on a waiting list.

Info Sessions

Gardener's Orientation Session
See form for the dates information sessions offered with the community garden location you are interested in.

Other Info

There is a limit of two plots per family. Registration will close when plots are full. Plots are assigned first come first served.

If you wish to reserve your plot for the following season before the closing date of the current one, you may reserve the same plot for the following year. This will allow for those who wish to raise perennials to do so.

If you have any questions, please contact Don at 651.789.5285

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