You Are a “Friend of Dodge”

You are passionate about the environment and want to invest in it for future generations. We at Dodge care about providing exceptional experiences in environmental education. Together we form a partnership, a friendship, in support of our mission. The goal of our new “Friends of Dodge” program is to jointly experience the fruits of efforts made possible by your financial support. Together our friendship will strengthen and grow –just like the prairies, forests, wildlife and youth we nurture.

Our transition from a membership benefits program to a unified structure for donors, members, and sponsors is complete. Your support for Dodge will now be considered a “Friend” if you financially contribute in any form - this includes unrestricted and restricted cash donations, gifts in-kind, and annual benefit gala contributions. Friendship is a partnership.

We need our friends! Your financial investment will help bees pollinate, groom our trails, house our farm animals, teach our children, train our naturalists and preschool teachers…the prairie sky is the limit!




December 2018 Activities

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