Planned Giving Options

Please contact Dodge Nature Center at 651.455.4531 to discuss any of the below options.

Egret Society

Become a part of the Egret Society. This planned giving society was created to recognize those who have made planned gifts to Dodge through their estate plans. Named after the Great Egret, society membership is as elite, admired, and significant as the symbol is to the Nature Center. Join the legacy Mrs. Dodge created 47 years ago!


Remember Dodge Nature Center in your will. A bequest can be a specified dollar amount or a percentage of your estate. Your taxable estate will be reduced by the value of the gift, and thus your estate taxes may be lower.

Life Income Gifts

Perhaps you wish to make a significant gift now, yet you still need the income your assets generate. In this case, you can make a life income gift. There are several types of life income gifts:

A. Charitable Gift Annuities

You can make a gift of cash or securities to Dodge Nature Center (minimum amount TBD) that would provide you a guaranteed income for life. The amount of income received is determined from a rate schedule based on the present age(s) of the person(s) named to receive the annuity. Income can be paid monthly, quarterly, semiannually or annally. A computed portion of the gift amount, determined by government tables, is permitted as a tax deduction. Part of the income is tax-free. This agreement is especially attractive to donors/income recipients age 70 and up, as the income rate is based on the recipient's age at the time of the gift.

B. Charitable Remainder Trust

Cash or property is transferred to a trust, which pays the beneficiary either a variable income equal to a fixed percentage of the trust's fair market value as determined each year or a fixed annual amount. Upon the death of the beneficiary, Dodge Nature Center receives the remaining assets. You receive a current income tax deduction for the remainder value of the charitable gift.

C. Pooled Income Funds

This fund combines gifts from many donors to create common investment portfolios. Net income is paid in proportionate shares to donors and their beneficiaries. At the end of the life income interests created by you, the shares of the pooled income funds are transferred to Dodge Nature Center.

IRA Funds and Qualified Retirement Plans (QRPs)

Retirement plan assets often provide a convenient pocket from which to make charitable gifts. Pension plans, annuities and QRPs generally are funded with pre-tax dollars. Because their growth has not been taxed during accumulation, the combined estate and income tax at the time of the owner's death can be substantial. These funds are particularly attractive to give as charitable gifts because of the potential tax savings. You may benefit by a charitable rollover of your qualified retirement plan's assets to a charitable trust at death. A charitable trust can preserve much of the value of your IRAs or other QRPs for your heirs while also making a significant gift to Dodge Nature Center. You can also consider naming Dodge Nature Center the last beneficiary on plans that have refund features and/or residual amounts left after participants are deceased.

Life Insurance

A gift of life insurance is another way to make a substantial gift to Dodge Nature Center. By assigning ownership to Dodge Nature Center, you can receive a tax deduction for the value of the policy and the premium paid each year.

Retained Life Estate

You can contribute a private residence or farm while retaining the right to live in and use the property. You can receive a generous income tax deduction for such a gift, as well as other advantages.

Appreciated Securities

Gifts of appreciated securities - stocks and bonds, including stock in closely held companies - provide important tax advantages to you.. The full fair market value of the appreciated securities is fully deductible as a charitable contribution for federal income tax purposes but the maximum deduction in one year is limited to 30 percent of your adjusted gross income. Unused deduction amounts exceeding this limit can be carried forward for up to five more years. In addition, you do not pay federal capital gains taxes on the appreciated portion of the gift.

Real Estate

A gift of real estate can provide the same tax advantage as a gift of appreciated securities. Each proposed gift of real estate is examined carefully because Dodge Nature Center's ability to accept gifts of real estate depends upon a number of factors.


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