Wish List

How can you support Dodge Nature Center?   Throughout the year, Dodge incurs many operating costs to take care of animals, maintain the trails and buildings, and offer premiere environmental education experiences.  You can help by sponsoring all or part of a specific item, which allows Dodge to fulfill its sustainable mission.

To make a wish list gift, simply donate online, using the memo line to specify what specific need you'd like to support.

Please contact the Development Office at 651.789.5201 with any questions.

Fellowship Program Home

Contributation or an in-kind item to help get the home ready for our fellows or a gift in support of the Fellowship Program.

Animal Care

Bald Eagle: $1,300
Dodge Nature Center’s Bald Eagle came from the Raptor Center in October 2013. The national symbol of the United States was once an endangered species, but with education about Bald Eagles and the importance of protecting their habitat, there are now about 50,000 Bald Eagles in the United States.  Costs include care and feeding for one year.

Red-tailed Hawk:  $550
When Red-tailed Hawks are young, their tails are brown, not red. They are the most widespread hawk in the United States and can be found almost everywhere except the tundra.  The Red Tailed Hawk at Dodge Nature Center cannot fly due to a broken collarbone, but makes many appearances for Dodge educational programs.  Costs include care and feeding for one year.

Barred Owl: $400
The Barred Owl lives all across the United States and eats mammals.  Its call sounds like “who cooks for you, who cooks for you-u-u-u-u all?” Dodge Nature Center’s Barred Owl was hit by a car and is blind in one eye.  Costs include care and feeding for one year.


Bee Hives: $500          
Dodge hosts hundreds of bees who are busy making honey and providing a unique educational experience for students each year.  In addition, Farm Stand honey sales bring in much-needed revenue for the nature center as a whole.  Help us maintain the costs of maintaining the hive and gathering the honey.                    

Farm Animals
Dodge’s working farm is a unique educational experience, allowing students to learn first-hand about sustainable agriculture and humane treatment of farm animals.

Guinea Hogs: $1,000
Chickens: $500
Sheep: $500
Goats: $500

Educational Animals
Dodge’s educational animals teach students about science and the natural world in a safe, well-kept environment.

Snakes: $300
Turtles: $200
Frogs: $50
Salamander: $50
Toads: $25


Intern: $9,570 for the whole program; $1,475 per intern.
DNC interns provide valuable environmental education instruction while they increase their knowledge of the naturalist profession. Fund an intern for 12 weeks.

Seasonal Naturalists:
$10,000/year, $834/month
Seasonal Naturalists are more experienced than interns but are still learning their profession while providing environmental education   Fund a Seasonal Naturalist for a month, several months, or a full year.

Staff Development: $500
Help keep Dodge Nature Center’s professional staff one of the most skilled and informed in the nation.

Restoration and Maintenance

Prairie Maintenance: $1,500
Dodge Nature Center’s gorgeous prairies are required to be professionally burned periodically to thrive and survive.   Help us maintain these gorgeous landscapes by covering the cost of one burn.

Trail Maintenance: $2,000
To make your visit to Dodge enjoyable and safe, we’re continually removing overgrown plants and stumps that have fallen in the trail, broken bridges, and renewing woodchipped trails.   Help us help you enjoy your Dodge Nature Center nature walks by helping out with our annual trail maintenance costs.

Flower gardens: $500
Our flower gardens welcome guests and are beneficial to insects and animals.   Help us put our best face forward by supporting the costs associated with the plants and planting.


Funds for scholarships are needed to help low income children explore the healthful wonders of nature at Dodge Nature Center through our environmental education program.  Donations can be made in any amount.

Educational Facility Sponsorships

Help maintain and operate a Dodge education building for a year.  Costs include maintenance and electricity.

Little Red School House: $2,000
Museum: $2,000
Education Building: $10,000         
Barn: $5,000                                     
Rookery: $1,000                            
Solar Panel: $200
Main office building: $10,000
Lilly Cabin: $3,000
Compost Facility: $100                     
Maple Syrup House: $300                

In-Kind Donations


Call the Dodge Development Office at 651.789.5201 if you have an item you wish to donate.

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