Spring Break Camps

March 27–30, 2023

Dodge is offering single-day Spring Break Camps from March 27–30 for kids in grades K-1, 2-4, 5-8. Camps run from 8:15 a.m.–3 p.m. at the Main Property in West St. Paul. Cost varies by camp—see camps below. Scholarships are available for those who qualify.

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Questions? Email info@dodgenaturecenter.org.

Dodge offers need-based scholarships. Recipients receive priority camp registration.

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Camps for Grades K-1

Monday, March 27: Critter Caboodle

Feathers, paws, scales, and claws—Dodge is home to all kinds of amazing critters! Explore the forest, prairie, and wetlands to search for signs of wildlife. Visit the farm to feed the chickens and head into the animal lab to meet a collection of cold-blooded creatures.

Cost: $60

Tuesday, March 28: Nature Hide-and-Seek

Ready or not, here we come! Come play games of hide-and-seek at Dodge. Hone your observational skills, meet camouflaged critters up close, and learn all about how wild animals hide in plain sight.

Cost: $60

Wednesday, March 29: Let it Grow!

Just add soil, water, and sunshine! Spend the day learning all about the different things it takes to turn a tiny seed into a full-grown plant. Through games, art, and hands-on exploration, you’re sure to sprout your curiosity alongside the plants.

Cost: $60

Thursday, March 30: In the Maple Woods

Collect sap and get the fire going to boil sap down into maple syrup and sugar! Stories and snacks by the campfire, games in the woods, and sweet treats are all part of your day in the maple woods.

Cost: $60

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Camps for Grades 2-4

Monday, March 27: Lumberjack and Jill

Live the life of a lumberjack for a day! Use tools to chop and split wood and play lumberjack games. Prepare, cook, and eat delicious campfire food. Red flannel shirts admired, but not required.

Cost: $60

Tuesday, March 28: Animals Around Us

From the woods to the farm, animals are everywhere. Explore Dodge to find signs that animals have left behind! Get up close and hands on with some animals that make Minnesota their home.

Cost: $60

Wednesday, March 29: Observing the Elusive

Animals are around us all the time when we’re outside, but they aren’t always easy to see. Learn how to recognize signs left behind by our wild neighbors as you explore Dodge. Practice some animal techniques for staying hidden!

Cost: $60

Thursday, March 30: Art of Foraging

Spring’s arrival means new life and new things to do in nature! Learn how to identify wild foods and cook outdoor delicacies. Explore different ways to use foraged finds for art and engineering.

Cost: $60

Camps for Grades 5-8

Tuesday, March 28: Seek and Sauté

Come explore different environments at Dodge as you hike and cook your way through the day! Seek out wild edibles to identify, gather, prepare over an open fire and eat. Bring your adventurous side and a willingness to try new tastes.

Cost: $60

Wednesday, March 29: Arrows and Axes

Learn the basics of archery and axe throwing while practicing with different targets, games, and competitions. Create your own PVC bow to take home after camp!

Cost: $65 ($5 materials fee included.)

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