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Girls Explore Science: After-school Program (Series 4)

  • An event every week at 4:30pm on Wednesday, starting March 3, 2021 and repeating until April 7, 2021

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Calling all girls—let’s take science outside! In these programs, you will discover many branches of science through hands-on activities in the great outdoors. Learn what makes science so exciting and imagine your future careers while you explore the beautiful trails of Dodge Nature Center.

Girls Explore Science is an after-school program for girls in grades 5-8 that meets once a week for five weeks.

Program Dates & Themes

March 3 – Week 1: Girls Explore Forestry
Time to wander in the woods! This week, you’ll learn how to identify several trees found in Minnesota forests. Discover what causes rings to form in a tree’s trunk and how to use those rings to determine a tree’s age. How do foresters use science to manage a healthy forest ecosystem? Find out in this tree-mendous day of exploration!

March 10 – Week 2: Girls Explore the Science of Sap and Syrup
March is here and you know what that means—it’s maple syrup season! Making this delicious breakfast treat takes a lot of work—and science. In this deep dive into the sticky science of sap flow and syrup production, discover why early spring is the prime time to tap trees and boil sap. Help tap a tree, build a roaring fire, and finish the day with a sweet taste of Dodge’s own maple syrup!

March 17 – Week 3: Girls Explore the Signs of Spring
Spring is well underway and change is afoot! Let’s learn all about phenology, the study of seasonal events in nature. Challenge yourself to find as many signs of spring as you can as you explore the different habitats of Dodge. What migrating animals are returning to Dodge? Who’s waking up from hibernation? How are plants preparing for the growing season? Find out during this immersive springtime phenology hike!

March 24 – Week 4: Girls Explore the Physics of Flight
Are you curious about how bees hover and eagles soar? Wonder why bat wings are so different from bird wings? Then leap into the world of flight and discover the physics that support airborne animals. Explore how different wing shapes influence flight patterns, and try your hand at aerodynamics in a paper airplane fold-off.

April 7 – Week 5: Girls Explore the Outdoor Chemistry Lab
Who doesn’t love science experiments that change color, bubble, or pop? You may get a little grubby in the outdoor chemistry lab when you test out effervescent experiments! Launch volcano poppers as you learn why baking soda and vinegar cause such a fizzy reaction. You’ll make a mess with soda and mints, experiment with color-changing cabbage, and do so much more in this multicolored, dramatic dive into the world of chemistry.

COVID-19 Safety

This program will be held outdoors, with CDC and MN Department of Health procedures in place. Please dress for the weather. Because of the group setting, facemasks are required, and the use of hand sanitizer is encouraged.

We allow exemptions for those who have medical or other health conditions, disabilities or mental health, developmental, or behavioral needs that make it difficult to tolerate wearing a face covering. Please contact us in advance of your program if this exemption applies to your child. We will create a plan with you that will ensure the safety of other program attendees and staff while allowing them to participate.

Event Details
Status Sold Out
Age Girls in Grades 5-8
Cost $60
Event Series
  • Wednesday, Mar. 3rd, 2021
  • Wednesday, Mar. 10th, 2021
  • Wednesday, Mar. 17th, 2021
  • Wednesday, Mar. 24th, 2021
  • Wednesday, Apr. 7th, 2021
Time 4:30 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Location Main Property, Main Office Entrance 1
365 Marie Ave. West, West Saint Paul, MN 55118
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