Winter Week

Tune in February 16 - 20 for winter fun with Dodge Nature Center!

Thank you for tuning in for Winter Week!

Since we couldn’t gather as a community for our annual Winter Fun Fest this year, we celebrated online with Winter Week. We’ve got ways for you and your family to get outdoors (or stay warm inside) with games, printables, educational videos, crafts, and more.

Scroll down for all cold-weather content posted during Winter Week and enjoy anytime!

February 16: Staying Warm in Winter

Birds and small rodents don’t wear thick winter coats like bigger mammals do. So, how do the littlest among us survive the bitter cold? Come fill up at the bird feeder and burrow beneath the snow in a new #NatureToGo video for Winter Week!

February 17: Winter Coloring Pages

Download three brand-new wintry wildlife scenes illustrated by our Naturalist Fellow and amazing artist, Ashley Johnson. These coloring pages feature Minnesota creatures who are well-adapted to winter and common sights at the nature center: squirrels, white-tailed deer, and bald eagles. Find your squirreled-away red and gray crayons and go nuts!


Gray and Red Squirrels store food in many places around their habitat, ensuring they’ll have a food source in winter.

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White-tailed Deer

Deer often herd together near food sources to conserve energy in the winter.

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Bald Eagle

Fluffy, insulating feathers keep this raptor warm in winter.

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February 18: Snowflake Crafts

Let’s beautify, DIY, and let fly some snowflakes! Our Naturalist Fellows have two cold-weather, kid-friendly crafts for Winter Week. With common household supplies, you can cut, glue, and crystallize your own front door decor. These step-by-step videos guide you through paper bag snowflakes and Borax crystal snowflakes. Create wintry windows and polar porches!

February 19: Animal Adaptations and Winter Bingo

Wow! Wildlife in winter—like weasels, woodchucks, and wood frogs—have cool adaptations to survive snowy conditions and arctic air. In a new Winter Week video, learn about migration, hibernation, and brumation (some animals even change their coloration!)

Winter Bingo

After learning all about Animal Adaptations, head outside to search for signs of winter wildlife (or stay warm inside with cozy activities) with Winter Bingo!

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February 20: Building with Snow 101

For a final Winter Week activity, join naturalist Pete Cleary as he guides you in gaining new skills in building snow structures. No matter the temp, our tips and techniques will help with cold-weather construction. You’ll be thrilled with what you can build in your backyard. Snow bricks, forts, and walls will come together in no time at all!

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