Media Permits

Posed/Commercial Photography and Videography

All photographers (professional or amateur) who conduct posed photography are required to apply for a media permit. Nature photography is welcome without a permit. Any photos taken at Dodge Nature Center intended for sale or publication require permission with an applicable fee.

Single-day and annual permits (good for one year after your payment date) are available. Please apply for your permit in advance to avoid the $25 additional fee and to allow us time to confirm availability.

How Media Permits Work

  1. Apply for your permit.
    Fill out the form at the bottom of this page.
  2. Submit payment.
    If approved, staff will email you a SmartRec link to complete payment. Your permit will be available in your SmartRec account after payment is complete.
  3. Schedule your shoot(s) two weeks in advance.
    Note a specific location, date, and time when you contact us to schedule. You may not get your first requested date—educational programming has priority access to spaces. Requests are assessed on a first-come-first-serve basis with a limited number of sessions approved for each date.
  4. Follow guidelines onsite.
    •  Your permit must be on your person. Staff may approach and ask to see your permit.
    •  Natural resources, the farm & barnyard, and other property are not to be damaged, altered, or tampered with. Stay behind gates and fences.

Permit Fees

Single-day Permit $50
Annual Permit $150
Additional fee for permits purchased less than two weeks in advance of photo shoot $25
Additional photographer $10

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